Effective Keynote Speeches

Effective keynotes are not just facts or pretty images on PowerPoint slides, nor are they only inspiration and feel-good stories. An effective keynote speech is affecting, authentic, knowledge-bearing, and memorable. It moves your audience toward more effective, impassioned action. At its best, a keynote is talked about long after it’s over and continues to inspire the listeners.

Laura Packer’s keynotes harness the power of storytelling to move your audience, challenge them to be their best, and to create community. Her talks are rich with knowledge and information, so your listeners know they are hearing from an expert, as well as authentic inspiration and calls to action through meaningful, well-crafted, carefully chosen stories. Every talk is crafted for the occasion, so it makes sense in your program and for your audience. Whether for a conference, a graduation, a reunion, or other event, Laura’s keynotes are powerful, effective, and memorable.

This short talk, presented at Ciudad de las Ideas in Puebla Mexico, gives you a glimpse in Laura’s effectiveness. She was the only English-language speaker to get a standing ovation from the audience of 3000.

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