What is organizational storytelling?

Humans are storytelling animals. When organizations recognize the power of storytelling to build trust, community, and connection; persuade; educate; create change; effectively and authentically communicate; and grow they cannot help but be better places to work, more effective in their mission and vision, and help build a better world.

Organizational storytelling capitalizes on our storytelling nature so our workplaces are healthier, our ideas are more vibrant,
our stakeholders are more committed, our products are better, and our customers are more loyal.

How can your organization thinkstory? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • recruit new employees and volunteers with stories
  • build an onboarding narrative with the history, mission, vision, and future of your organization
  • solve internal problems with deep listening and shared stories
  • market your products and services with real-life stories of impact, value, and community
  • inspire all of your stakeholders at meetings with excellent presentations, persuasive talks, and compelling corporate meetings
  • build a better workplace and a better world with the stories of your people, your accomplishments, the things you had to learn
  • and more. The possibilities are nearly endless.


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