thinkstory coaching can help you with:

  • public speaking and presentation development
  • creativity, getting over blocks, and gaining confidence
  • accountability
  • executive management, leadership, and business projects
  • personal growth
  • community building
  • building a better workplace
  • and more.

Thanks to Laura and thinkstory, our leaders are better listeners, speakers, and mentors for their direct reports. Her insightful, incisive coaching cut to the chase and her suggestions were on target. 
– IT services company

Do you know the story about the lone hero who rides into town, defeats the bad guys and makes a great speech, then rides off into the sunset? It’s a common and very popular trope in all forms of storytelling. The hero saves the day, women swoon, men want to be his friend, and children long to be him. It’s a great story, but skips over some important details, like how he first learned about strategy, fighting, and wise retreats; the details of how he defeated his fear of public speaking; and the crucial friend who helps him in all of his efforts. It skips over the last vital detail: He is so good at what he does that he teaches the townspeople how to take care of each other and themselves.

I didn’t even want to admit I was afraid of speaking in public let alone to my direct reports, but Laura helped me get over the fear and feel much more confident. I am a better speaker now and a better boss because of her support.
– Nate

A good coach can help with those details. Whether you are manager, marketer, business leader, or any other kind of hero, good coaching will help you understand and build upon your own strengths; recognize, understand and overcome your weaknesses; hone your work so it shines while remaining absolutely in your own voice; and give you the tools to keep getting better on your own.

Laura helped us develop a plan to listen to our members and use their stories effectively. Her coaching helped me be a better leader and launch the program with confidence.
– Non Profit ED

Laura’s coaching is supportive, smart, and effective. She is always client-focused, helping you identify your goals and move towards them in ways that build you up, never tear you down. She is dedicated to helping you find your voice, your leadership, your own path.

Sessions: Sessions are from 45 to 75 minutes, depending on your needs. They include a collaborative coaching document with notes, links, and other resources shared via Google Docs and (optional) an audio recording of each session in a secure Dropbox folder. Coaching may be done in person, via phone, or video conferencing at a mutually convenient time.

Fees and Packages: You can schedule a free 20 minute discovery call to discuss your coaching needs. From there, schedule your sessions, make your payment, and begin your coaching journey.

Coaching for organizations or individuals representing an organization begins at $115/session, with a sliding scale available for non-profits. Please contact Laura for details.

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